Different Levels of Learning

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Schools have found over the years that it is best to group students, but they have often missed the mark in choosing the groups in bygone years. Many of them believed it was best to put all students of the same age into groups and teach them. While some students excelled far beyond the level of their age group in several subjects, it was believed there was little or no harm seen in keeping them with their peers. Socially, this worked out well, but it inhibited some of the students when it came to learning.

Grading students as a group has always been a continuing school issue, and many parents have pushed their children to learn well enough to get the highest grades. It was a good plan for parents who knew their youngster could excel, but it failed those who did not have the ability to soar educationally. Schools have learned to work with parents on both grades and school grouping to ensure modern students have a chance to receive the most out of their education by placing them at the correct level.